In The Name Of Self-Care

Taking one day off the week, and dedicating it to taking care of yourself in any ways — here’s how we do self-care Sundays.

Sunday is a day where we look back over the rigors of the week and figure out plans for the coming week.

But it's more than that, it is a day where we recuperate and indulge in the comforts of life. But for the hustling modern woman, finding the best ways to relax can be a rather tedious affair. Here are some ways to help you let your hair down and take the edge off with some Sunday pampering tips.

Time Alone

In a world governed by frantic energy, finding space and time alone with your own thoughts is great for one’s mental well-being; it allows you to focus on yourself, your passions, your needs and your thoughts.

And there’s no better way to spend that time than taking a long relaxing bath. Baths work wonders for your skin: they are super relaxing for your muscles, and also stimulate your nervous system.

Our Josei Scented Soap is just what you need to effectively drown out the sound of the world and immerse in the gentle feel of water lapping and caressing your skin - ironing out all those stubborn kinks brought about by the week’s stresses.

Good Books Make for Great Companions

What baths are to the body, books are to the mind. While it’s not recommended to spend prolonged periods of time in a bath, that doesn’t spell the end of your relaxation, and great books are an effective way to transition from a hectic work week into an easy weekend.

Reading for even just six minutes lowers your heart rate, and lessens all those tense muscles. And there’s no better way to crank up that relaxation meter than indulging in a good read.

Embracing Mother Nature

Getting your relaxation on is about more than just staying indoors. Some personal time with mother nature is a great way to engage the senses, calm the mind and drop kick anxiety to oblivion.

Embracing nature is a powerful antidepressant and even better, means you don’t have to worry about missing that day at the gym, because that 30 minutes of walking could burn more than 150 calories.

Just make sure to wear a comfortable pair of shoes such as Nyla Bow Patent Open Toe Kitten Heel or these Zion Ruched Leather Band Ballet Flats so stress or discomfort has no room to penetrate your comfort zone.

Don’t forget, that if the two are not to your liking or taste, we have a wonderful selection to make sure your comfort walks in lockstep with your style.

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