Shoes To Prep You For Squid Game Fashion

The latest hit series on Netflix has taken social media by storm. Squid Game has captured our curiosity with its ingenious screenplay, mysterious origins and heart-pumping adrenaline!

Since its release, the popularity of this binge-worthy survival series along with its colourful characters and their array of retro outfits has captured the eyes of audiences across the globe. The amalgamation of their hopes, fears and desires coupled with the emotional and often abrupt demise of our beloved heroes befalling their inevitable tragedy certainly held us to the edge of our seats. Starting on the right foot, here are some inspired shoes to prep you for The Squid Game fashion- without the funky tracksuits and animal-themed masks, naturally!

White Contrast Stud Embellished Sneakers

A naturally elegant shoe, this is a one-of-a-kind sneaker that is perfect for a trendy smart-casual look. The soft insoles relieve foot fatigue, making them pleasantly exquisite for challenging activities during an extended period of time. Professionally crafted, this pair of white contrast stud embellished sneakers will make a sleek addition to your exquisite collection of shoes. Its shimmering pyramid studs help to give an elegant look that will definitely encapsulate the squid game spirit!

Black Iridescent Trimmings Chunky Platform Sneakers

Just like the guards in red in, silently command attention with ease in these snug-fitting, comfortable pair of platform sneakers. Featuring soft padded footbeds for the ultimate cushioning, this pair of sporty yet fashionable pair of shoes have comfortable gripped soles perfect for all-day wear. Ideal for sports or other forms of physical exercise, they can also be used for everyday casual wear. With cool iridescent trimmings, a breathable mesh and chunky platform soles to boost your height, the Black Iridescent Trimmings Chunky Platform Sneakers is certainly a unique addition to spice up your collection.

Black Point Toe Leather Flats

Expertly crafted from leather and shaped to a point-toe silhouette for a leg-lengthening effect, this is a fitting pair of flats for a professional look for an executive meeting or a formal dinner date. With soft padded footbeds for all-day comfort, find contentment in this vamped up pair of flats! Contemporary and functional in a practical fashion, slide into these cosy black point toe leather flats, perfect for a snug fit around your feet. Set on small stacked heels with lace detail and topstitching, they will certainly give you a sophisticated look as you stride through the office. Like finalists in The Squid Game, sashay through the day with an elegant flair.

Black Metal Buckle Loafers

An easy slip-on shoe, this cute pair of trendy pastel loafers will have you fit right into the Squid Game crowd. With the right tracksuit, you can’t go wrong with this timeless shoe style. Assembled from soft and smooth leather, its upper padded insole gives your feet a pleasant and comfy feel. Suitable and pleasing to the eye for almost every occasion, matching this pair of shoes with the right outfit takes minimal effort.

With these alluring shoes to prep you for Squid Game fashion, any of the above wardrobe combinations would unquestionably be a trendy addition to your closet. Whether you’re a professional athlete or a sophisticated career woman, you can always find a pair of trendy shoes to complete your look. With a modernised pair of shoes, there are always accessories that will complement your outfit regardless if you’re dressed in a casual tracksuit or are donning a formal tux.

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