After Hours

Transitional styles from dusk to dawn.

Life isn’t just about work. And for some, life only starts after official working hours. For the true evening aficionados, night owls, and party-starters, there’s something special in store. Presenting thoughtfully versatile styles that complement your professional corporate uniforms and sultry evening looks, you can seamlessly transition from the demands of the day to the adventures of the night. Established with quality comfort, this posh line-up will serve you well from dusk to dawn.

Slipping into a classic black work attire, do you find yourself gravitating towards black shoes by default? Well, hold on, because these heels are about to take your style game to a whole new level. Introducing the Elysia Embellished Pointed Heels, crafted with genuine leather furnished with gloss; has long been synonymous with sophistication and glam, takes it up a notch with silhouette that speaks effortless comfort elegance . The star of the show? That big, bold crystal buckle that practically shouts, "Look at me!" Even if you are draped in black from head-to-toe, these shoes add that extra pizzazz, giving your style some serious personality. Not only do they banish monotony from your attire, but they also effortlessly elevate your presence at post-work soirées.

As we mark the beginning of the Autumn/Winter season, the allure of Maillard Style cannot be overlooked. Allow the timeless brown hue that reminiscent of autumn leaves to seamlessly integrate into your ensemble. Bid farewell to mundane, traditional brown colour pairings, and let the Audrey Crystal Embellished Clear Strap Heel Sandals gracefully take center stage within your entire attire; casting a radiant glow of joy and vitality. The harmonious blend of materials unfolds as a delightful surprise, much like the after-work party you're looking forward to. And don't forget the Cleo Bucket Bag, which will always be your faithful companion. Whether it's essential for your daily commute to the office or a post-work date, it can seamlessly accommodate both.

Lastly, take in the relaxation and joy that "After Hours" style brings to our spirits - whether you're right in the bustling heart of the city or nestled on its outskirts, these pieces promise a delightful blend of inner beauty and all-day comfort. How will you unleash your after-hours fashion flair? Remember to capture those outfit selfies, share them on Instagram, and amp up the fun with the tag #PaceWithPAZZION and @PAZZIONOFFICIAL.

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