Feeling Pretty in Cottagecore

Pretty has an infinite number of definitions and to each its own. Today, we are exploring #Cottagecore pretty. Think never-ending fields, wildflowers and the calm countryside. Essentially, this growing aesthetic romanticizes nature while embracing hyper-feminine styles with a hint of whimsy. Featuring a delicate selection of cosy styles, this is a must-read for those seeking au naturel, Alice in Wonderland vibes.

Au naturel style:
Immerse in timeless beauty and the exquisite pleasure of the gentle breeze on your soul.

Draped in nature's regal gifts, we radiate elegance through vibrant colours

Prompted by the lively, radiant, and beautiful sight,
we couldn't resist reveling in this flower bed.

The #Cottagecore style invites us to embrace a slower, more relaxed approach, inspired by the tranquility of nature. It encourages a carefree and whimsical style with woven textures, bejeweled accents, and ruched details. By incorporating these elements, we escape the chaos of city life and infuse our wardrobe with a grounded, authentic, and timeless charm.Indulge in the enchanting world of PAZZION's Cottagecore style, as the gentle breeze enhances your radiance. Share your captivating ensembles with us on Instagram by tagging #PaceWithPAZZION and @PAZZIONOFFICIAL.

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