Backstory: The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, is a celebrity style icon herself even before her marriage to Prince Harry. Her Royal Highness has been always on point when it comes to her personal style. But, her recent constant habit of tottering in overly big heels has sparked the Internet World talking and speculating that she did so to prevent heel blisters. She is rumoured to have stuffed the toe with padding and taking them out should she needs the heels to be roomier.

Check out her oversized heels here….

Must Have #1 – Kitten Heels

Photo: The Sun

And here…an almost exaggerated example of her in a beige strapped heels during her engagement shoot with Harry last November.

Photo: The Sun

Well, people, we all know comfort is key. Still, want to look stylish sans the blisters? Here are 5 best shoe hacks you should know.

1. Find the shoes that fits

Finding the right fit is key to ensuring all-day comfort in those killer heels. Sizing might differ between brands, so it is important to check the sizing chart before purchase. Otherwise, try it out for yourself in store and get the pair that best fits your feet. Wearing oversized shoes is just as bad as wearing too small a shoe.

2. Break into your shoes slowly

Hold the excitement – while you might have a strong urge to wear your new shoes out immediately, the best way to do so would be to slowly break into your new stilettos so it does not give you those annoying blisters. Start off by wearing them indoors for a few hours a day. Try easing your feet in that footwear while watching your favourite show on Netflix or walk around in them in the office before taking them off. This should allow your feet to gradually get used to the fit of the shoes. As a preventive measure, apply plasters on your hot spots to prevent friction.

3. Make use of a shoe stretcher

Make the shoe stretcher your trusty companion when it comes to the legwork (pun intended!), and simply adjust the length and width to your preferred dimensions, leave it overnight to stretch the shoe and let it works its magic. If you do not have a shoe stretcher, request for the service in-store! Nowadays, most shoe brands including PAZZION provides complimentary in-house stretching service when you shop with them.

4. DIY your own insoles

Stop the slip simply by making your very own insoles. For extra grip, choose a non-silky, thick fabric. The best part? They cost next to nothing and works just as well as those bought off the shelves.

5. Combine thick socks and a hairdryer

Slip on a pair of thick socks and shove your feet into the shoes. Worry not if they are a tad too tight - get a hairdryer and run it over the tight parts of your shoe till they feel a bit looser. Once they feel less uncomfortable, turn off the dryer, remove those socks and let your shoes cool for a while. You're all set!

*Disclaimer – this tip only works for shoes made of natural material like leather, else the heat might cause damage to synthetic materials. With these handy tips, breaking into your new heels should be a breezy process. Time to bid blisters and other feet woes goodbye!

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