Everlasting trends for the evergreen wardrobe

If you are searching for classic shoe designs that will last for seasons, we got you covered! A necessity for the modern, trendy woman, think of them as accentuations to your outfits designed to be the perennial components that will remain relevant regardless of the season. Handpicked by our fashion experts, we have compiled a list of 8 types of shoes that will never go out of style. Step up your wardrobe as we explore the intricacies of these timeless footwear pieces that are the cornerstone of fashion!


For the fashionable city woman, flats are the ultimate undisputable essential.

Whether you need to quickly grab a pair of shoes when you are running late for work or going on a leisurely weekend shopping spree, the Black Vintage Horsebit Square Toe Flats is the perfect pair of flats across occasions. It keeps your outfit coherent without exaggerating mismatched design and colours, keeping a harmonious overall balance.

High Heels

High heels are a great option for the office or formal occasions.

Relive your childhood Cinderella aspirations with the Light Grey Classy Patent Leather High Heels. Fashioned with glass-like heels adorned with sleek leather, it exhibits a flair of luxury and poise, the perfect method in bringing out that urban-chic sophistication. Match this with a classic office suit or a professional work dress for an elegant seamless demeanour!

Low Heels

For those who love comfort, low heels can be a life-saver especially after a long day at work. This timeless essential is certainly a good alternative to consider.
Ornamented with a modest gold element on its heel, the Green Classy Pointy Toe Leather Low Heels is an exquisite choice to add to your office repertoire. With its sharp vamp and glossy earthy-toned surface, it’s a refined piece that exudes opulence. Designed with comfort in mind, it comes with a padded insole to keep your feet feeling refreshed and energised 24/7.


Ideal for casual and formal occasions, loafers give your wardrobe a sassy edge that’s also minimalistic and adaptable.

The Black Metal Buckle Loafers are integral pieces for every wardrobe, versatile for almost any occasion. Effortlessly dash towards both formal and casual occasions, thanks to its definitive structure and striking gold feature. Exuberate a vibe of chic and classy elegance with this bold yet classy pair of loafers.


If we had to pick one thing we love about mules, it would be because of their carefree convenience. Put them on a casual girls night out or slide them on to town for your next staycation.

Infused with an eye-catching gold metallic chain insert, the Brown Gold Chain Leather Pointed Mules boasts elegance. Made with supple cowhide leather, this pair of mules is unbelievably comfortable. Your feet will thank you for the cushioned footbed especially after a long day at work. Slip on this pair of mules and you will be ready for a day of carefree adventure!


A ready option for any occasion, sneakers are a versatile and trendy option. You can never go wrong with a pair of good timeless sneakers.

The stylish Black Contrasting Slip-on Platform Sneakers are essential for your casual footwear collection. Made with genuine cowhide leather, this comfortable pair is easy to wear and feels pleasant even after long hours. With a chunky platform sole, these sneakers will give you an added height boost with the freedom and comfort to manoeuvre. Get ready to be greeted with compliments as you make a statement and add a little zest to your edit with bold contrasting colours.


A must-have piece of footwear to every wardrobe, choosing the right pair of sandals can add the right amount of sleek, trendy and stylishness to an ensemble!

The Black Wrap Weave Leather Slide Sandals are refreshing and well suited for the warm sunny weather. With its simplistic weave design, this pair of slide sandals are perfect for casual wear, picnic dates and romantic strolls by the seaside. You can match them with a bounty of midi beach dresses which are perfect for that weekend or summer vacation!


The classic espadrille is great for casual and work environments. Slip them on easily for a casual Friday outfit before you head out for after-work chillax sessions.

The charming Apricot Lace Slip-on Canvas Leather Espadrilles add a lovely touch to your ensemble. For those seeking that artisanal eloquence, this pair of leather espadrilles is excellent for that relaxing picnic or casual stroll. Its pastel colours make colour matching effortless and straightforward. Pair this with a pair of jeans or a sundress and indulge yourself in calm sensual leisure.

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