Bare it all with these understated accessories.



Bare it all with these understated accessories.

With sustainability, comes minimalism. So, we going back to the basics. And simplicity doesn’t have to mean boring monotony - sometimes, less is more with intricate textures and details. So nail this timeless trend with understated accessories crafted to harmoniously complement without stealing the spotlight from your personality, style and most importantly, you! Bare it all with these versatile shoes and bags that work their subtle magic.

A simple, focal point.

The simplest way to elevate the classics? Incorporate a dainty focal point like the signature knot buckle in the Kourtney Knotted Buckle Maryjane. From the point-toe Maryjane silhouette and elaborate gold detailing to a glossy, leathered finish - this combination of time-honoured styles truly embodies the nuanced appeal of minimalism. In seafoam green resembling ocean waves on a calm day, these flats also add a refined dash of personality to any outfit – regardless formal or fun.

Texture, texture, texture.

Another must-have subtlety is texture. Decorated with a delicate quilted pattern, the Gracia Quilted Chain Flats offers a cozy, ultra-dimensional feel while staying grounded in neutral hues. Beauty lies in the minute details for this pair, featuring embellished straps woven with gold. Empowered to suit every woman - so leave the straps on for a ballerina-esque look or bring it back for a conventional flat style. The adjustable straps also provide snuggle room for added comfort!

Another textured alternative is the Serena Multifold Leather Tote Bag. Enhancing depth and dimension, the supple leather and silk scarf work together to offer a luxurious, sensory experience. For those who prefer keeping things clean and simple, reserve the scarf for fancier picnic dates and beach dresses. This bag also comes in an all-around monochromatic tone for effortless appeal, especially when styled with other textured accessories like the Gracia Quilted Chain Flats.

Breezy cut-outs.

“A picture says a thousand words” – or in this case, a mini statement bag. Bold in colour and (even more so) personality, the Mavrix Chained Bag screams individuality while expressing who you are. Designed with clear-cut silver chains and bucket ties, this bag is a graceful addition to your edgy ensembles. Styled with equally bold pieces or monotone hues, Mavrix complements it all. So, set yourself free and let your style take center stage with this surprisingly versatile piece.

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