With power and unity, let’s come together to spread love and joy to the community.

This October, we join the fight against breast cancer with Good Vibin’, a gentle reminder to spread love, share happiness with others and to make a difference in your own and someone else's life. With encouraging words and support, we lift each other up through the most powerful healing energy, Love & Joy.

Introducing PHILO by PAZZION, a limited-edition sneaker designed exclusively for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. PHILO, short for Philomena meaning "lover of strength", symbolizes the power and unity of women. This special sneaker aims to spread joy and love with its vibrant illustrations of hearts, flowers and rainbows, while supporting the community by raising funds for breast cancer research and medical aid.

Crafted with care, PHILO serves as a gentle reminder of the significance of spreading joy and love. It is a symbol of strength that resonates with women from all walks of life.

PAZZION Cafe’s Empowering Wellness shots are sold as a set and is available at PAZZION Café (Takashimaya Shopping Centre and Jewel) from 1st – 31st Oct 2023.

To support this movement, 30% of the nett profits from the sales of PHILO sneakers are donated to Singapore’s Breast Cancer Foundation to raise awareness, fund critical research and support members of the Community who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Together, let's make a difference and show our support for the Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

PAZZION’s limited-edition PHILO sneakers is available online and in-store at Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Bugis Junction, Marina Bay Sands, Junction 8, Wisma Atria, Tampines Mall, Vivocity, JEM, Jewel and Changi Terminal 1 from 1st Oct 2023.

Connect. Embrace. Liberate. You’ll see the difference it makes.

#PAZZIONOfficial #PAZZIONBCA2023 #GoodVibin

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