By instinct, we desire to fly free.
Product to be launch on 31st May 2023

Like butterflies that reach the skies, we need cocoons - a safe environment to mould our identities through experimentation and self-exploration. Embrace the natural course of life in discovering our own unique selves. Red, blue, yellow or whatever colour in the rainbow – we all strive towards the best of us.

Experience the beauty of diversity and inclusivity adorned with an array of vibrant, sparkling jewels, that symbolizes the support and acceptance we have for all.

Introducing our #PrideMonth Chrysalis Crystal-Embellished Pochette Shoulder Bag; launched in celebration of our journey towards greater diversity and inclusion. Join the flutter and create a comfortable space for all – regardless of who you are.

Discover refreshingly new sides to you with this limited-edition particoloured pochette and celebrate yourself in bold diamanté. A seemingly small, but incredibly expressive statement crafted for all, it encapsulates every style and personality. Get ready to flutter with pride and celebrate individuality in style!

PAZZION’s limited-edition Chrysalis Crystal-Embellished Pochette Shoulder Bag is available online.

#PAZZIONOfficial #PAZZIONChrysalis

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