Jumpstart any endeavour in comfort-infused styles.



Jumpstart any endeavour in comfort-infused styles.

Think of the last time you sat at a desk for hours on end. Were you productive? Did you feel inspired or produced thoughtful work? Or were you simply burnt out? For most of us, it’s the latter.

These days, it’s all about the hustle. And we believe true productivity comes from getting into that zen-like state, feeling comfortable in your zone and ultimately, embracing the notion of timely, well-needed breaks. The number of hours doesn’t matter; instead, revitalise your style, body and mind with sneakers imbued with comfort and innovation. Crafted with durable leather, these active styles support every endeavour to any destination.

Let the sparks fly.

Never overlook any idea from the start; you never know who wins the race. Available in monochrome, the Arco Trainers with Crystal Embellishments seems like a classic staple from the front. Highlighted with a softly glittered back, these sneakers evolve into subtly charming pieces filled with underrated potential. Sparked with much-appreciated interest, Arco elevates any ensemble with a sophisticated look. From sweatpants to tailored trousers, let the creativity flow.

Chase the end of a rainbow.

We love adding rainbow splashes to monochrome bases, because experimenting with novel shades simply excite us. Integrated with coloured laces and backings, the Icy Gradient Laced Up Leather Sneakers are easily one of our most whimsical favourites. For a softer everyday look, peep the gradient-blended laces and flattering slim cut. Pair these with playful ensembles or modest dresses in elevated, eclectic style.

Trust in the Midas’ touch

Find success in timeless, gold-weaved sneakers – the Tia Gold Chain Laced Sneakers replaces typical laces with flexible gold chain links. In Black, the gold shines brighter in an effortlessly edgy way. For a gentler, classy vibe, opt for Tia in delicate White. Style this fuss-free pair with functional utilitarian wear for a cohesive laidback look. Definitely on-trend for the contemporary woman on-the-go.

There’s always something more.

Thought we were finished with reinventing the wheel? Thankfully, we have more to look forward to! A new perspective – meet the Jamie Crystal Ruched Slingback Leather Sneakers. Jamie embodies the joy of subtle surprises in its finely glittered slingback. Featuring no-tie laces, a slip-on design and a stretchy back, this pair offers exceptional comfort and convenience. For simpler days ahead, unclasp the slingback for free and easy wear. Complements everything in classic white, but these breezy shoes are truly match-made with extra-liberating atheleisure.

What’s your active pick? Tag us in your ensembles with #PACEWithPazzion on Instagram.

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