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The fashion industry is ever growing—and all consuming. Our oceans are filled with waste and landfills have been overflowing for some time now. But thankfully, we have altruistically embraced responsibility to help our planet, rather than hurt it.

As we dedicate the entire month of March to celebrate the strides and continued efforts of the environmental movement, we spend more time to reflect on our past, present, and future conservation work. We stress on the issues and establish new habits, relationships, and community-driven efforts to create the type of change we need in order to protect our planet’s future. In light of Earth Month, we’ve devoted our resources to make a difference by using our platforms for education, providing useful resources to the community, and announcing beneficial new initiatives.

Sustainable Collection – In Her Shoes

At first thought, the notion of sustainable sneakers may come off as wildly uncool. Your mind may conjure up imagery of neutral colour palettes, canvas uppers, and basic plimsoll-style silhouettes, but that’s far from PAZZION’s reality in 2022. The real stand-out quality of this unlikely match is how it speaks to the lifecycle of shoes. When seen through a different lens, or in this case, touched by our feet, the different footwear material is revived and feels new again. Mark our words: This is a collection for the ages. As we share environmental impact of sneaker construction, as well as highlighting stylish products that don’t cost the earth—literally. Our sustainable In Her Shoes collection offers a strong start. And more fashionable, than ever—find a style that suits you and trust us—the only footprint you won’t have to worry about here is your carbon one.

Gift With Purchase - Recyclable Tote Bag

It’s time we start more sustainable habits. Whether we realize it or not, we all have little habits and rituals that we carry out every day — and some of them might not have the best impact on the environment. Our limited-edition gift with purchase recyclable tote bag is the best alternative for plastic. Our designers culled inspiration for the tote from their own errand-intensive lifestyle, which requires a stylish, yet malleable, tote for all of their necessities. Offering a rich narrative, the chosen wondrous green hue emblematic of mother nature highlights our desire for versatile, timeless colour. Chicly crafted in striped wide-panels. The foldable bag is versatile; completely flat in a suitcase, and reassumes its silhouette as needed for carrying treasures picked up along the way.

Going the Extra Mile

If you find that you love taking extra-long showers in the morning, consider cutting back by a few minutes or using cooler water — this can help you both save water and potentially reduce your utility bill whether you have an electric or gas water heater. Or if you tend to throw away a lot of food at the end of the week, try to make smaller meals or freeze your leftovers to reduce your food waste. And maybe you used to be an avid recycler, but have been getting a little bit lax in your sorting — use Earth Month as an opportunity to revamp your recycling system! There are lots of ways to make more sustainable choices in our daily lives, so keep an eye out for habits you can improve. Aside from our products and gifts to customers, we show our dedication by committing to Earth Hour yet again by switching off an area of our store to spread awareness about sustainability and climate change.

Earth Month is the perfect time to find new ways to protect the environment and give back to your community. With the aim of recycling global resources and reducing waste, we are gradually reviewing the materials used for product packaging, and working on the reduction of plastic material consumption in various ways.

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