When it comes to finding sustainable materials, we leave no stone unturned. PAZZION takes upcycling and sustainability seriously. We took inspiration from their surroundings and the climate crisis that is pushing a lot of us to create inventive ways to become more sustainable. Our Sustainable Collection doesn’t skimp on style. In fact, slip into a confidence-boosting pair and invest in conscious footwear that’s created with minimal environmental impact. Made from Griege and unfinished woven or knitted fabric that has not been bleached or dyed, 100% recycled post-consumer polyester. Once again, creating high quality shoes and accessories through an ethical supply chain. The wonderful colours are chosen from the array of the naturally occurring hues from the environment.

We balance the use of eco-responsible fibers with the repurposing of a vintage silhouette. Crafted with Fly Knit and Lambskin material and designed for wearing day-to-night, our clean Mary Jane silhouette will see you through alfresco lunches as you tout the charms of a slip skirt into a slip dress. Stretch eons further in your wardrobe with satin dresses and parade the streets in classic hues inspired by the salts of the earth, an embellished gold buckle that adds a sparkle to each step, while the flat heels give you that extra kick of comfort.

We rework the whole chain of production now that spring is on the horizon. Nest yourself between walls of books and blend performance and comfort with streetwear savvy thanks to the stretchy conducive upper. The breathable material gives an element of surprise with maximum comfort as you spend your days burying your head in classics. The subtle earthy hues, offers versatile looks with its slimline silhouette that also works perfectly with sharp tailoring as well as casual looks.

Simple, stylish and ultimately, comfortable option – we present a square covered toe accent shoes that’s easy to incorporate into any casual closet. Our ballet iteration is as pared-down as it gets. Swap your skinny jeans for ankle-baring straight or wide-leg trousers on Casual Fridays or on the weekends; Even better, wear trousers made from a flowy fabric like linen or silk! With that metallic buckle upper, the contemporary design will elevate your outfit instantly.

As we expand the conversation around sustainability, our beautifully crystal embellished pair ticks the box if you have a more formal event on your agenda. Feel desired while luxuriating over aperitifs and canapés as you sync up your slip. The pointed toe is dressier than a round toe and certainly more flattering on the leg. Pro Tip: the perfect complement to a cropped slim pants. It’s time to be refreshingly focused on footwear as tactile, functional accessories. One could say, a democratic appeal.

The climate crisis is real. The statistics are grim. The hurdles are high. But if we learned anything from the recent vaccine development it should be that big things can happen when we all put our heads together, attack a common problem, and commit to making meaningful change. One easy change you can pledge to make is to walk the sustainable walk when shopping for shoes.

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