Pink October

For the past 23 years, Pink October is the month dedicated worldwide to breast cancer awareness. The past 2 years has posed a challenge to just about everything and everyone due to the outbreak of the pandemic, and breast cancer prevention is no exception. So, this year, PAZZION has decided to seize the moment to rise up and do more to fight against breast cancer with a simple campaign, a simple way for us to give back to the society, to do our part.

As impactful as we are minimalist, PAZZION’s lifestyle product - Collapsible Cups are available only in Pink for the month of October. Pink being a positive colour, pink being a symbol of Hope, pink being a symbol of breast cancer awareness and to fight to find a cure against the disease. This message could not be clearer to raise awareness and it makes this exclusive campaign a true symbol for PAZZION this year, of strength and hope.

The brand's pink silicone Collapsible Cup only available for Pink October, specially designed to quickly collapse and expand with a stopper which creates a leak proof seal; are available at all PAZZION outlets. The best part? Half the proceeds from the sales will be donated to Singapore’s Breast Cancer Foundation.

With the opening of PAZZION’s new café and its drive to encourage the usage of reusable cups instead of paper coffee cups for sustainable living, we encourage all Patrons to bring their portable Pink Collapsible Cup to enjoy $1 off each time they opt to fill it up with their favourite coffee beverage. The entire month of October is now dedicated to wearing the colour pink in order to help raise awareness for breast cancer, and as knowledge continues to spread, more and more people are joining the movement. If destinies and stories intersect in the name of this fierce struggle, it is not without counting on the diversity of PAZZION’s team and patrons who supports the movement which unites each of us.

Join the movement now! It’s time to help make life-saving research and life-changing care happen. Wear pink and have a Cuppa!

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