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A Quick Guide To All Espresso Drinks

Espresso-style coffees are more popular than ever around the world. However, with such a large variety in the types of coffee available, you may occasionally feel bewildered at the various names, styles and coffee types on the menu board.

Espresso beverages can be categorised into two categories; “black” when served on their own with varying amounts of hot water, or “white” when served with varying amounts of milk. The names and the recipe of the respective espresso beverages vary in cafés around the world, but this overview would serve as a helpful guide of the beverages available at PAZZION Café to get you started so you can order them with confidence!


Single/ Double Espresso

“Espresso” refers to an extraction method of brewing coffee. The major difference between espresso and other coffee brewing methods is the application of “pressure”. To extract espresso, hot water is forced through a bed of compressed coffee grounds at high pressure via an espresso machine, resulting in a balanced coffee with a good mouthfeel. Two espresso shots can be produced at the same time via two spouts of the espresso machine. A “shot” of espresso ($4) refers to a single serving of espresso from one spout. It is intensely concentrated, rich and smooth, served in an 80ml espresso cup. Double espresso ($5) or “Doppio” simply refers to two servings of espresso served in a cup - perfect for enjoying more coffee of the same concentration and intensity.


An americano ($4.50) is prepared by adding hot water to a double shot of espresso in the ratio of 2:1. The coffee retains the flavour characteristics of espresso but is less intense since diluted with water. You can also opt for a cold version, known as an Iced Shaken Americano ($5.50) if you prefer the strong and full body taste of Americano on ice. The name of this popular beverage is said to originate from World War II. Coffee was essential to the American troops and they shipped grinds from America to wherever the soldiers were at. However, as the war went on, supplies started to dwindle. The American soldiers stationed in Italy found a way to make the local espresso more palatable by diluting it with hot water. The locals henceforth termed it as “Caffè Americano”.

Pour Over Coffee/ Drip Coffee

The basics of both espresso and pour-over coffee brewing are of a similar concept, in which hot water passes through coffee grounds and a filter, before falling into a vessel. However, unlike espresso, pour-over or filter coffee do not apply the use of pressure. Instead, water goes through the coffee grounds solely due to gravity. The brewing process is thus longer and would result in a beverage with lower acidity and a milder mouthfeel when compared to espresso. Drip coffee bags are a portable version of pour-over coffee, in which small pouches of ground coffee in folded paper stands can be hooked over cups. PAZZION Café Drip Coffee ($18 for a box of 10) utilises high-quality coffee beans that are carefully roasted locally to the optimal temperature to ensure freshness. The drip coffee bags are individually packaged as sachets that allow for easy and fuss-free coffee savouring on the go.



A macchiato ($5) is prepared by combining a single shot of espresso with a splash, about 1-2 teaspoons, of foamed steamed milk, served in an espresso cup. In Italian, macchiato means "stained" or "spotted", as such, a caffè macchiato refers to a cup of coffee "stained” by a dollop of milk in the middle. This beverage is perfect for you if you enjoy a milky coffee beverage without the concentration of espresso being too subdued.

Now that you have a basic understanding of what each espresso-based drink is made of, stop by PAZZION Café (Jewel Changi Airport, B1 – 243) and try out what appeals to you. Alternatively, have them delivered to your doorstep here.

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