To experience the real world and enjoy the little things again

Mental wellness is more important now than ever; it impacts every area of our lives. A good mindset can ripple into everything we do, think, or say. And nurturing one’s mental health does not just improve our daily functioning but also helps us understand ourselves as humans on a deeper level.

Amidst the busy workdays, it is essential that we learn how to unplug to unwind; tune out to tune in; and disconnect to connect.

But, what does it mean to do that?

Though this phrase may sound like a contradiction, you sometimes have to detach before you can truly be in tune with yourself. In this sense, it means disconnecting physically and emotionally — from all distractions to reconnect with the real world and your true self. Here are some ways to cultivate this practice.

Get Connected With Nature

Most people who live their lives at a fast pace discover that it becomes difficult to appreciate the subtleties of birds, plants, trees & natural settings. When you withdraw from the bustling city and immerse yourself in your surroundings, it teaches you to slow down and genuinely be present with the now. While you shift your focus to the greenery, this little act will help you to declutter your mind and get you into a state of relaxation.

Experience Life Again

There’s a difference between living life and experiencing one. It means doing more than just going through the day-to-day activities and being mindful of every opportunity, emotion, and feeling that comes your way. So, the next time you are outside, notice how the wind kisses your face, see how your senses heighten when you get excited over a good read, and feel how much more appreciative of life.

Find The Little Joys

Happiness, a feeling pretty much everyone is in search of, but many struggle to truly find. Most people set goals with the mindset that happiness will be the reward that comes with it. However, this emotion does not come in the form of a destination. It is actually found in the little things throughout the journey. So instead of chasing the rainbow, start appreciating the small details in your life. It can be anything, from embracing the feeling of enjoyment of a buttery-soft croissant to admiring Mother Nature, as long as it makes you feel the small joys in life.

Treating ourselves with kindness, empathy, and patience is essential throughout life. There are moments you deserve a break, and you should. Try to disconnect to connect and appreciate life to its fullest. This practice will help you cultivate a sense of inner peace throughout your daily life, and allow you to have a better grasp of your mental space.

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