Delicious vegetarian choices made easy.

Sustainability is a major buzz word these days, as the world faces a global climate crisis. “Use a recyclable bag” or “no straws” are some common initiatives we associate with being environmentally thoughtful. Essentially, sustainability refers to consuming with the preservation of the future in mind.

As risk-averse humans, most of us save for bad days and emergencies. And now, it’s increasingly crucial to leave a Plan B for the generations after.

However, convenient, everyday habits can be difficult to change, even with widespread awareness of sustainability issues. To transform good intentions into concrete action, here are some sustainable eating practices that can make your efforts easier.

Plant-based meals that tastes as good

To transform good intentions into concrete action, a lower-effort practice is sustainable eating. Besides consuming in moderation, sustainable eating refers to reducing your meat intake. Studies show that shifting to a plant-based diet reduces greenhouse gas emissions significantly. Producing vegetables, fruits, beans and grains also utilize less water and natural resources.

And going sustainably vegetarian doesn’t have to be a Mount Everest climb, especially for the human carnivores. Erase your stereotypical image of bland, blanched vegetables - as we offer equally (or more!) delicious meat alternatives that can fill your evergrowing hunger.

Slurp-worthy drinks for health

Besides substantial benefits for Mother Earth, vegetarian diets have generally been linked to multiple health benefits such as better cardiovascular health, reduced risk of diabetes and obesity and more. To soak up these benefits, small drinks are much easier to incorporate into the daily - compared to entire vegetarian meals. So, for the health-conscious beginners, we have some vegan drink suggestions to spice it up.

Shifting to a more sustainable lifestyle boils down to the everyday choices and little actions – such as going for our sustainable vegetarian menu or reusing our paper bags. Strong enough to be reused; flexible enough to be recycled or composted – leave endless possibilities for the future today.

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