Sit back and relax with PAZZION'S latest lifestyle collection

Amidst your busy schedule and endless deadlines, it’s time to unwind with a range of specially curated scented candles for a personalised spa vacation. From nature inspiration to a sweet concoction of fruit and floral extracts, you’ll be transported to a relaxing escape.

The perfect blend of an assortment of hand-picked herbs and flowers, the PAZZION Bluebell & White Musk Scented Candle is an amazing addition for a well-deserved chillax session. With a hint of bluebell note amongst an array of sweet medley of floral scents, it’ll feel as if you’re laying on a breezy field of blooming greenery, a getaway from the bustling concrete. Regardless of whether you’re looking to take a brief break in between your busy schedule or a full-blown spa day, light them up while you kick back and lounge in the shower or bathtub to alleviate those tired bones!

If you prefer scents with a tinge of fruitiness, the PAZZION English Pear & Freesia Scented Candle will be an exquisite choice for some quality alone time. Infused with the sweet aroma of English Pear and the freshness of Freesia, it induces calming effects and reduces lethargy which are essential for an idyllic retreat. Whether you’re using it as a complement for a spa session or simply to create an enchanting ambience, you can definitely rely on its dreamy-inducing properties for that elevated high tea experience. Grab a cup of tea (or whiskey) and enjoy the moment!

Incorporating the spirit of eco-consciousness and durability, all candles are produced with a combination of coconut and soy wax, lasting up to 60 hours to use in a single session or for that special occasion. Looking to take relaxation to the next level? Bring the ultimate spa experience to the comfort of your own home with our lifestyle collection, which includes handcrafted body wash and scented bar soap.

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