Elevate the opulence and dress your love ones of different generations in Matching footwear to usher the new year majestically with triple the affluence and prosperity!

Chinese New Year rhymes with Family and Prosperity. As we bid farewell to the fittingly-named Year of the Ox and your outdated shoes, we weave the Year of the Tiger with endearing elements and incorporated adorable factors to eliminate the intensity of what might come. Inspired footwear of Majestic Radiance. The beginning of Chinese New Year is not the same with the absence of the usual street festivals and big family gatherings, we take another look at how to mark the occasion and turn to what we know best. Our array of stylish footwear this year comes in auspicious colours that symbolizes luck, fortune and happiness. With blush palettes, sparkly embellishments, dainty bows, all typical of Chinese Tradition, there’s enough to satisfy everyone’s taste.

This year, we may not be able to enjoy as much family time like in the past but these tiger footwears will give us a taste of celebration. With the majestic striped animal playing an integral part of the Chinese Zoidac, each stitch sewing values of family and prosperity, while merging quality with playfulness, we embrace this in our Chinese New Year Mommy & Me collection. Enjoy house visiting fuss free with these mules-espadrilles. It’s said that wearing your lucky colour or elements symbolizing the Tiger can bring you luck – In our books, there’s no shame in indulging in these harmless superstitions!

Majority would deck themselves in red in hopes of gaining extra prosperity but we differed from that route and part of our capsule collection for 2022 features other colours from Spring, as well as sparkles and embellishments, beautiful bow designs signature to festivities on quality leathered ballerina flats. These designs channel the annual parties that roll in the Lunar New Year but it is also perfect past all the festivities. With Family being one of our virtues, we have decided to share these alluring designs and add them to our Mommy & Me collection. A chance for all mother and daughters to fall in love together with this celebratory capsule. It’s your time to shine with radiance for all of 2022.

Start your Chinese New Year greets with a blessing of abundance and prosperity in our timeless classic that impresses with a new look and shade, blending the emblematic shimmer with twinkle on the straps, not forgoing the lustrous silver for the occasion. The clear block heel infuses a touch of modernity to the classic design. A symbol of new beginnings, happiness and good health, it’s essentially all that we’re looking for.

With Mini Me fashion still in trend, elevate the opulence and dress your love ones of different generations in matching footwear to usher the New Year majestically with triple the affluence and prosperity! Here’s hoping that the Year of the Tiger shines radiantly than the Year of the Ox with our festive touch.

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