See our 5 Game Changing Flats that will fit your carry-on and enable you to stay in style while traveling.

The one thing that most women struggle with when they travel? If map reading ranks second, the most daunting task would definitely be packing. And by packing, we mean stuffing a reasonably assorted closet with probably twice the number of outfits than necessary into a 22” cabin luggage. Because let’s face it – who has the time to wait for the bag to come rolling out of the conveyor belt or worse, risk losing your luggage when it goes missing in transit? That leaves you with your best bet, to pack it all in and haul it along in the cabin, like any seasoned business traveler would.

We hear you – no doubt most would cringe at this suggestion. The little voice in your head is probably wondering how impossible this sounds; there is no way you can fit five days’ worth of clothes, makeup, accessories and shoes into this impossibly small case, and under 7kg no less!

The good news is that this is actually easier than you think. Ultimately, this boils down to planning your trip and consequently your outfits beforehand with some nifty packing tricks to stay organised and a couple of foldable ballet flats that would make any outfit right en pointe.

#1: Put your game face on.
Atypical pinstripe waist-tie suit, paired with a prim bow ballet flats and box bag.

#2: For some well-deserved me-time, hop into a café.
Devour a hearty meal or pretend to read and people-watch.

#3: Buzz around town in the oh-so-fashionable bikes on demand.
While taking in the cityscapes with the wind in your hair.

#4: Hit the pool in this getup.
Because who knows who you might meet on the way there?

#5: Let your hair loose and rock to the beat in the dazzling sun.

Now that you’ve got your holiday outfits and kicks sorted, it’s time to get packing! Trust us – it’s not as daunting as it seems. Read on and steal some packing tips and tricks from the pro!

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