The annual Geylang Serai Bazaar 2018 is back – bigger and better. Held till 14 June, the question now is – with so many stalls at the bazaar, what’s worth shelling out the money for? Fret not, for we’ve sieved out the best 5 eats that’s totally worth the calories.

1. Swiss Raclette Rosti

The Raclette Factory entered the scene with much fanfare last year and continues to attract crowds this Ramadan. A must-try is the Swiss Raclette Rosti ($12) that serves Swiss recipe Rösti with President Raclette Cheese from France. Wash your meal down with their Instagram-worthy Lemonster Drink ($8), a shaved iced drink that comes in four different fruity flavours.

Location: The Raclette Factory, Stall GS221

2. Classic Meatballs In A Bucket

The latest food trend – eating out of a bucket. At Chef Sofnade, their signature Classic Meatballs In A Bucket ($9) is served with a generous serving of mashed potatoes and twister fries. Take your pick from chicken or beef meatballs, which are well-marinated and doused with cheese sauce. You might wish to share this delightfully decadent treat, with a portion huge enough for two.

Location: Chef Sofnade, Stall GS243 & 244


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3. 555 Thai Tea

A good ol’ Thai Iced Milk Tea in this sweltering hot weather never fails. Get the bang for your buck with the 1-litre Thai Iced Milk Tea or Thai Iced Green Tea, going at a mere $3. A 700ml option is also available at $2.

Location: 555 Thai Tea, Stall GS209

4. Poffertjes (Dutch Baby Pancakes)

Be instantaneously transported to Europe with these scrumptious Poffertjes (Dutch baby pancakes), a simple dessert with an authentic taste of Amsterdam. Opt for the traditional flavour of baby pancakes topped off with butter, icing sugar and maple syrup. For the more adventurous, choose from their flavours such as Cookies & Cream ($5), Nutella ($5), Banana Split ($6), S’Mores ($6), Ondeh-Ondeh ($6), and Red Velvet ($6).

Location: Cake Love, Stall TK22

5. Rainbow Grill Cheese Toastie

Here’s a dish for the ‘gram – the drool-worthy Rainbow Grill Cheese Toastie ($5). Get your camera ready for the impressive cheese pull, made with halal mozzarella. This beautifully grilled cheese toastie is slathered with butter and topped off with rainbow sprinkles for extra texture, and to chalk up those extra likes on your feed.

Location: Take a Bite, Stall GS191 & 192

With a myriad of food to choose from at the bazaar, be prepared for meandering queues in this humid weather. Protip: gear up in some comfy shoes to help you get through the throngs of people - your feet will thank you for this!


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