Drop Your Anchor In A World Full Of Style

It doesn’t take a fashion expert to see the new trend of this season. Following a longer-than-expected run where oversized clothing was aplenty and comfort was king, the time has come, to go indie. Printed flowy dresses, stripes, espadrilles. Yes, we are talking about nautical fashion.

For its contemporary resurgence, our designers revisited these then-practical design codes, using them as fashionable flounces for the modern dresser. Think Tweed espadrilles for combating cold oceanic winds and open silhouettes that, hopefully like the tide, work with you, not against you.

When dressing up for a yacht adventure, the essential element of your overall look is your footwear. Nautical outfits aren’t just bound to Mediterranean waterfronts and city escapes. Case in point: We can all be thankful when channelling the voyage-ready trend, there isn’t just one set uniform.

Nothing Says Summer like Nautical Pieces

As a much-anticipated wanderlust becomes a reality, styling your summer look becomes that much more thrilling. There’s something about being by the sea in the summer that sparks ample sartorial inspiration and joy. We’re seeking the wafty floaty dresses we’ll never want to take off, that goes beautifully with sleek mules, and easy separates to style out with wind-ruffled hair and sun-kissed skin.

Star Studded Hall Of Fame

Deck out with high-fashion accessories to keep the look current and for that fierce pop of confidence to your everyday ensemble, strutting down the deck like a star. In fact, this refreshing style is so easy to wear that you can get away with wearing less than you might think, topping it off with a heel and a bag to look like your favorite Hollywood stars.

If you want to tone it down a little on the stardom, a breezy off-the-top dress paired with a beaded mini bag will still ensure you emanate that elegance. Better yet, instead of crystal studded espadrilles, reimagine it in one of these chic open toe heels.

Whether you find yourself strolling by the beaches or braving the winds on a sailboat this summer, leaning into these seafaring staples will be as easy and pleasant as a sea breeze. Celebrate nautical fashion this summer and bon voyage!

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